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cueball kirby and some lines


have you ever been following someone for a while but they’ve changed their url, icon, and theme so many times that you literally have no idea who they are anymore but you’ve been in mutual follow with them so long that it’s unacceptable to ask


This was so much fun to draw :D I love this screencap (from sailormoonscreencaps) and have been meaning to re-draw it for a while!


a stress relief doodle from this morninggg I JUST GOT THIS BBY N IM IN LOVE i had to show him offfff

(design by amouu @ dA)




Highest-grossing Disney films adjusted for inflation (x)

(Marvel movies not included)

We were discussing this in work yesterday and I’m so glad someone has posted this!

Bless. People don’t realize that Frozen made so much money in 2013/14 partly because movie tickets are like $7-15, depending on the theater and if you see it in 3D. In 1937 Snow White made $66.5 million, just domestically (Frozen has $713 million in help from foreign box offices). Movie tickets in 1937 were about twenty five cents. TWENTY FIVE CENTS. If you adjust Frozen to 1937, it only made 1/6 of Snow White’s gross. If you adjust Snow White’s initial 1937 run’s gross to 2014 ticket prices, it’s $6.5 BILLION I MEAN HOLY CRAP. Snow White was a BIG DEAL.

(I should point out, though, that the grosses in these images are counting re-releases, which isn’t exactly fair, considering Snow White had theatrical runs in 1937, 1983, 1987, and 1993. BUT just the initial run is six times Frozen’s, like I’ve said. And that is amazing.)



next time you get rick rolled try and act like you’ve never heard the song before

get real flustered and be like “wow… I didn’t realize that was how you felt?”

taking a break to get some food 

taking a break to get some food